Hi, I'm Kelly

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Charlottesville, VA. I'm also a roller coaster enthusiast, lover of EDM, and huge fan of Stardew Valley.

My passion is capturing celebrations of love in an authentic and artistic way. Photos are one of the few concrete things left long after the party is over, and the cake is all eaten, and the sparklers have burned out.

I love photographing weddings because of the unique energy of the day - from the eager anticipation in the getting ready suite to the electricity of a raging reception dance floor, and of course all the love!

Everyone's story matters. That's why I believe it is important to let my clients know that I am an LGBTQIA+ and BLM ally.

we might be a good fit if:


You can bet your booty I'll be out there on the dance floor with you, capturing it all from the center of the action! I love the energy of a raging party, and seeing couples let loose and celebrate with their friends!

you want a wedding day bff!

Most wedding days, I'll be with you from getting ready all the way until your exit. I'll help you feel at ease, and of course hype you up every step of the way! Whether it's helping you with your train, or taking charge to organize family photos, I've got your back!

you love color!

I love everything bright and bold and celebratory - colorful flower arrangements, disco balls, fun colored shoes, all of it! My editing style also emphasizes the colors that define your day. So if you're planning on a colorful wedding day, I'd love to capture it!

cOaster enthusiast

I love amusement parks and have ridden over 100 different roller coasters, including the tallest one in the world - Kingda Ka (456 feet tall)! My favorite coaster ever is Velocicoaster at Universal Orlando!


I think ocean critters are the coolest! I recently enjoyed some amazing tide-pooling at a beach in Costa Rica! I found all sorts of seashells, snails, crabs and even a little eel! I'm always down for a good aquarium day!

middle child

I have three siblings and they're some of my favorite people on the planet! When we're together, we love goofing around and playing Euchre - a card game popular in New York and the midwest!


I'll 100% be grooving around your dance floor with my cameras as I capture your guests celebrating! Turn Down For What by DJ Snake + Lil Jon gets me pumped EVERY. DANG. TIME.

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